What types of integration are supported by ZealiD?

ZealiD offers two types of API integration to businesses: ZealiD API and Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC) API. The table below shows the differences and benefits of APIs.


Having this in mind, companies need to decide which of the integration methods is more suitable for their business model.

The Integration process is assisted by the ZealiD Customer Success Team. Here is a short description of the integration process:

  1. Initial meeting to discuss the integration needs;
  2. Credentials are issued for the Test Environment;
  3. The client follows the integration guide and tests until satisfied, ZealiD’s Quality Assurance team will review the integration;
  4. Credentials are issued for the Production environment;
  5. The client switches from the Test Environment to the Production Environment. ZealiD’s Quality Assurance Team will review the integration;
  6. The client goes live.

Integration via Partner Platforms

ZealiD has partnered with major platforms such as DocuSign, Adobe and TeamViewer. This type of integration is recommended if your company already has a signing platform but is in need of qualified electronic signatures.

It is beneficial because:

  • Activating qualified signing via partner platforms takes less time;
  • You would be able to use your current signing platform with no workflow changes;
  • No technical risk is incurred.