About ZealiD

  • What is ZealiD?

    ZealiD is a Qualified Trusted Service Provider specializing in issuing Qualified Electronic Signatures. ZealiD Qualified Electronic Signatures are recognized within the EU Member States as legally binding. In addition...

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  • How to obtain a Qualified Electronic Signature?

    Qualified electronic signatures (QES) are issued to the citizens of EU member states, Norway and the United Kingdom. ZealiD supports some countries outside of the EU, you can find the full list here. The process of ac...

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  • Manual Vetting Service Hours

    ZealiD app is available to download and register at any time; however, currently, our manual vetting service is available Monday-Friday 7:00-19:00, Saturday-Sunday 11:00-16:00 CET meaning that final approval won’t be ...

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  • ZealiD Handbook

    In the following handbook, you will find information about ZealiD, Qualified Trust Services, how to get a qualified certificate, how it works and answers to frequently asked questions.

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  • Who oversees ZealiD's business?

    We answer to four main authorities: Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (PSD2), Swedish Post and Telecoms Authority (eIDAS), Swedish Data Protection Authority (GDPR), and our Conformity Assessment Body (CAB).

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  • What is an Electronic Signature?

    The European Union defines an Electronic Signature as the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature. This means that just like its handwritten counterpart, an electronic signature is a proof of identity and int...

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Privacy and Data

  • What are my rights in relation to data processing?

    The main objective of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to protect data subjects' privacy. A data subject is a natural person whose personal data is collected and processed by the data controller. A dat...

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  • What is ZealiD's approach to privacy?

    At ZealiD, we put your privacy first. As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, we not only protect your data, we respect it. To accomplish that, we integrate a privacy-by-design approach into our products and services. ...

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  • Where can I see what data you have on me?

    You can find categories and lists of all the data we process, processing purposes, as well as the retention period, in the data list available at Terms & Conditions and Data Processing Agreement at and Z...

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  • Where do you store data?

    All data is stored in ISO 27001 certified EU-based data hosting facilities. We employ high-security standards such as BSI C5 to cloud subcontractors. ZealiD has a proprietary Certificate Authority function operating f...

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  • Can I ask to delete my data?

    Yes, you can ask to delete your personal data when, for example, you are revoking your consent for data processing, and the data that ZealiD holds on you is no longer needed to meet the regulatory requirements. Submit...

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  • Are you the data controller?

    Yes, we are the data controller for the services provided in the ZealiD app. For the services provided via, we function as a data processor and the controllership lies with the data subject. More informa...

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